What makes us different

We are Local
The Humble Gallery operates out of Stratford, East London, which is also where the artists we support come from. We identify individuals who are most in need of opportunities and have a talent for the visual arts, so as to give them a chance at a sustainable livelihood.

Integrated Facility
The Humble Gallery is not just a space to exhibit works, but together with the Rosetta Art Centre, we are able to provide our artists with studio space and materials, as well as opportunities to teach and conduct workshops.

No Pretense
Our core mission is impact – to provide opportunities to those who would otherwise never have the chance to pursue a career in the visual arts. We do not bet on selected artists based on whether we think they are going to be the next Picasso, or use advanced analytics to find the “perfect” artwork. Instead, we take a human approach to enable members of the community to reach their artistic potential and move forward in their lives.