Support Us

Your support can make a difference.

We work to support talent from the most marginalised groups and enable them to develop a career in the arts, no matter their age or handicap. Your support will be used for art supplies and equipment, improving facility accessibility to the disabled and elderly, providing more studio space, and organising exhibitions to showcase artworks of the beneficiaries.

While a single brush stroke or a painting cannot transform lives overnight, a welcoming and conducive space can enable artists from the community to explore their talents, hone their craft and take small steps towards securing their own livelihoods, through what they know best, art.

Your generosity will go a long way towards offering opportunities to those who would otherwise not have the chance. Above all, it offers purpose and hope.


If you would like to donate to us, please email No amount is too small. A list of our previous donors can be found here.


Is your organisation interested in building an office art collection? Consider doing so with artworks from our local artists to create community impact. We will be delighted to discuss more with you. Find out more here.