Christopher Hanson is a fine Artist who undertook a BA (Hons) degree and furthered his studies at the London Atelier of Representational Art. His work has been seen in group and solo exhibitions in London and Nottingham. Christopher’s painting Osun Womi was selected for the BP Portrait award 2020 Exhibition and recently on show at the  John Moores Painting Prize Award.

He held his first solo exhibition, Music & Spirituality, at 198 Contemporary Arts and Learning in 2018 and his painting entitled, 'Osum Wumi' was selected for BP Portrait Award 2020. The Portrait Award is an annual event aimed at encouraging artists to focus on and develop the theme of portraiture in their work and represents the very best in contemporary portrait painting.

His current exhibition 'Skin', are large scale realistic portraits of subjects painted using traditional methods which show great accuracy and detail. 'My work explores how British society and media relates to black skin in relation to beauty standards and ideals. And how it is seen as exotic and ‘other’ even in modern times’. Christopher Hanson.