Past Exhibitions & Events

My Community in Lockdown Opening Exhibition

Freedom by Nikhil Kirsh



25th March - 28th April 2022

Nikhil Kirsh is a British artist who emerged in 2011 in Reykjavik, Iceland with his first solo show entitled, “TRANSGRESS, ramma fyrir ramma”. Since then, he has exhibited his subtle yet provocatively honest works through many subsequent collections. He is also known in Reykjavik for his affinity with Icelandic artists, resulting in sculptural and theatrical collaborations.

Kirsh is currently experimenting with combinations of geometric forms. His most recent painting, 'Path Of Freedom', he worked intuitively with three concepts: Freedom, Connection and Bliss, combined as separate portals to complete a very particular journey within.





Christopher’s signature works are large scale realistic portraits of subjects using traditional painting methods that show great accuracy and detail. This recent exhibition explored the issues of perception and the various representations of dark skin. 'My work explores how British society and media relates to black skin in relation to beauty standards and ideals. And how it is seen as exotic and ‘other’ even in modern times’. Christopher Hanson.

 View the paintings here:












Hidden Sailors Spaces & Places

Hidden Sailors Spaces and Places explores the the stories of Asian sailors who played a valuable role in British maritime trade and were recruited by the Royal Navy during World War I and World War II.

Using photography, maps and archival material we will discuss their lives, share stories and visit the Royal Docks to photograph the area. This informal and interactive workshop is suitable for all people of all ages who has an interest in archival images, local history and photography.


This workshop is part of Hidden Stories, Spaces & Places, a photography project created by Trisha McCauley which highlights the stories of 'ordinary' people who migrated to the UK.


Connecting the Past to the Present - A Photographic Journey.

This was a lively and interactive workshop exploring migration and heritage through photography and archival images; participants gained an insight into the lives of a community of mixed-raced families who lived in Canning Town in the early 20th Century.
Download the resource here.
Celebrating Black History Month 2020
During 2020 Black History Month, The Humble Gallery hosted three live online educational workshops for young people exploring the work of Frank Bowling, Althea McNish and Aubrey Williams. 
Check out the Frank Bowling workshop here
Check out the Althea McNish workshop here
Check out the Aubrey Williams workshop here

Fashioning Stories

4 weeks / 1pm – 2:30pm / Free

Fashioning Stories is a collaborative art and storytelling project involving students from the London College of Fashion and members of the Newham community.  Together, we will honour and celebrate the cultural heritage of Newham by sharing personal narrative stories which will be shared on an online interactive map of the neighbourhood.  To add to the map, we are calling on your creativity to collectively make fashion items using objects in our homes through a series of four workshops. All ages and skill sets are welcome.  Let’s create together! 


Workshop 1 – Origami Heart Lockets

Saturday 25 April, 1pm – 2:30pm

In our first workshop, we will create origami heart lockets.  By writing or drawing on our paper before folding into hearts, these lockets can contain the simple joys we are experiencing during this time and worn as a necklace as a reminder.  Or we can write about what we find challenging during this time, lock it away by folding into a heart, and set it aside.  Together we can embrace our true feelings during this time through this moment of creation.

Ideal for:

All ages and skill sets

Participants will need:

A laptop/ smart phone/ tablet with video and audio


Ribbon, string, or a safety pin


You may want to use:

Watercolour pencils, colourful pens, or crayons for additional decoration


For further details click on the link below:


 The Missing Chapter: Black Chronicles

Monday 28th October 2019 - Friday 6th December 2019

Opening Event 31st October 2019



Join us on 31st October for the opening of The Missing Chapter: Black Chronicles, a pop-up photography exhibition  featuring rare images portraying people of African & Caribbean descent in 19th century Victorian & Edwardian Britain. 

Additionally we will be celebrating the final day of Black History Month with a themed evening of Caribbean & African food discussing cooking influences  bought to the Caribbean from West Africa during the transatlantic slave trade and how it became infused with the indigenous inhabitants of the Islands, Europeans, Asians and evolved into modern styles of cooking. During the evening attendees will be served tapas-style Afro-Caribbean & African infused tasty bites with a contemporary twist. There will be discussions on the different styles of  cuisines and how each Island has its own unique signature dish.


This is a FREE introductory workshop to the different forms of calligraphy and how this artistic expression of writing is an inspirational and integral part of  Ahmed Jabir's work. Against the backdrop of his current exhibition: Kandakas: Pearls and Lotuses of the Nile, Ahmed will introduce you to his practice, artwork and demonstrate a variety of Middle-Eastern calligraphy styles. Participants will have an opportunity to create writings and artwork inspired by his paintings. 

Saturday 12th October 2019

Guest Talk & Discussion by artist Ian Rennie Robertson

The Magic of the Violin celebrates the Kandakas  

Performance by violinist Othman Mohialdin.


Kandakas: Pearls & Lotuses of The Nile

The Kandakas and the Revolution 

"Ahmed Jabir’s Pearls and Lotuses of the Nile is a collection of sensitively worked and well crafted pieces of artwork that emerge from a heritage rooted in ancient African traditions including the cultural practices of Islam. All this alongside an extensive appreciation of contemporary art and design approaches. A scholar and academic, Jabir’s visual and literary work reflect his extensive knowledge of the history and civilisations of Sudan and its neighbours dating back to the grandeur of Kush rule". Professor Paul Dash  

Friday 4th October 6-8.30pm

Opening speech by Professor Paul Dash

Performance by Sudanese dancer Fanta


Pop-up exhibition by Chelsea College of Art students Johnny Cheung & Sammy Lai

29th April 2019 - 2nd May 2019

10am - 7pm

Projections and Printmaking Workshop & Poetry Reading

Wednesday 6th March 2019 6pm -8pm

Join us in The Humble Gallery to watch a projection of Newham Word Festival word artist Sana Amos followed by a hands-on printmaking workshop inspired by her ‘Blackout Poetry’.

Sana employs a creative method called ‘erasure’ or ‘blackout poetry’. Sana uses pre-existing media, anything from books, newspapers and leaflets, turning them into new stories adding visual aspect of geometric designs as well as colour and drawings.

Sabba, uses themes such as 'belonging', 'memory' and 'identity' in hopes to bring peace to a tormented narrative. As part of Newham Word Festival she will be reading some of her work at The Humble Gallery against a backdrop of visuals that will bring a physical sense to her work, which is usually read privately.


PROJECT13 by coco c

January 17th  2019 - February 28th 2019

Inspired by Netflix series Thirteen Reasons Why – coco c asks how can we open a communicative bridge with the younger generation? PROJECT13 is a conceptual installation that explores social activism.


The project aims to produce a documentary on a series of workshops for teenagers and their carers, beit teachers, tutors, parents or social workers. The primary goal of the project is to ease the dialogue surrounding emotions and feelings, to encourage more openness, awareness, and empathy.


This installation help us (re) connect with the emotions of our younger selves  through the colour symbology which uses the polarities of emotion. + coco c invites you to enjoy your own personal experience and to participate in the project’s documentary The exhibition will be on display until 8th February 2019.  


About the artist: coco c is a Spanish-Brazilian artist from Barcelona. She has been an East Londoner since 2016. Her interests reside in exploring concepts, emotions, and empowerment. She seeks to find an intrinsic connection between herself and these three elements in every medium she works with.

As an emerging artist she has worked with a range of mediums in both a personal and professional setting: fashion and costume design and styling, jewellery creations, Ikebana flower arrangements, ceramics, collage on wood and fabric, and photography. coco c’s focus is now on creating installations.



Local London in Print by Hajia Dahiru

October 23, 2018 - January 10, 2019

To celebrate black history month we will be showcasing the works on paper by Nigerian artist and Rosetta Arts photography tutor Hajia Dahriu. Using screen-printing processes, she transforms images of local architecture and landscapes into highly detailed, delicately coloured prints, reminiscent of printing techniques from a past era.

Hajia Dahiru’s exhibition marks the third show from our A World Away exhibition series, which launched on International Women’s day to showcase the work of female artists living and working in east London.