Events & Exhibitions

Happenings in The Humble Gallery

Connecting with communities is the heart of the gallery's diverse programme.  Our events and activities are focused around art and wellness for local audiences to get involved and form lasting connections.

We welcome ideas for happenings in our space from supper clubs and dance classes to knitting circles.

Our programme for 2018-2019

A year long exhibition series titled: 'Around the World' opened in 2018 on International Women's day celebrating the work of five female artists living or working in east London: Aisha Naim, Veronica Rowlands, Wen Pan, Raquel Chaves and Rosie Vincent.

Creative workshops and artist led discussion groups designed and delivered by exhibiting artists to complement exhibitions.

The community Health & Wellness Project is a termly course forging principles of creativity with nutrition, fitness and wellness, specifically designed for  women in the local area.