Amber Perrier

Amber Perrier is a young artist born and raised in East London of Caribbean heritage. Her work focuses on representational depictions, which she describes as “unravelling, sprawling and layered style of drawing that I find obsessive and compelling to make”. Amber’s most recent work is influenced by the changes of local derelict lands being transformed into urbanised, regenerated businesses alongside the growth of economic inequality between the structures of concrete housing and modern contemporary glass-paned apartments.

Veronica Rowlands

Veronica is a playful exuberant artist, most of her work was produced during stressful periods in her life as a form of escapism. Veronica creates vibrant, quirky illustrations and paintings inspired from vintage dolls and miscellanea. Her aim in doing so is to reveal the inner child in adults allowing her work to be viewed as a form of therapy and escapism from adult life. Veronica studied surface pattern design at the University of Wales and achieved a First class BA honours, originally from Bristol Veronica moved to East London in 2010 to further her career.

Steve Marriott

Steve Marriott began his career as an outsider artist. With no formal art training or qualifications, he began to develop an interest in drawing which Steve used as an outlet to cope with years of depression and mental health issues.

By 2005 he had successfully completed qualifications in many art subjects. With this new found confidence and with the close support from Rosetta Art Centre, Steve attended university and graduated in 2016 with a 1st class Degree in Fine Art; he has since joined the Humble Gallery and  has sold work in the UK, internationally and recently exhibited his work in Russia and USA.

“My eyes have been opened to opportunities and achievements that I could not have even imagined, without the help of Rosetta Art Centre and the Humble Gallery”.

Hassan Vawda

Hassan is a young interdisciplinary artist in his mid twenties from Walthamstow East London. He uses a range of media; art, poetry, photography and film to explore ‘the life he lives’. Hassan is an outsider artist and did not attend art school or learn any traditional art techniques. His paintings can be described as colourful, vibrant yet naive and visceral.

Elhaam Sahebdin

Elhaam’s art was developed through her love of doodling during her childhood and teenage years. These ‘doodles’ evolved into a personal exploration of environmental preservation, internal conflict and positivity. Her work depicts intricately drawn layers of symbolically active objects together to create something new and mystical. Born in Newham and of Mauritian heritage, Elhaam is a young artist with no formal art education or training. She is currently on an apprenticeship scheme at Sir Robin Wales’ Newham Mayor’s Office.