4 Ways Art Can Improve Your Business


Unless you run an art dealership, putting up artwork in your workspace might be the last thing on your to-do list. Here are 4 reasons why it should be closer to the first.

1. Increased employee productivity and well-being

Art and plants in the work environment can lead to higher productivity and better employee health, research conducted by University of Exeter indicates. In some cases, it can increase employee productivity by up to 30%.

In another study conducted by the Business Committee for the Arts and the International Association for Professional Art Advisors, 78% of respondents agreed that art helped reduce stress and 64% said it boosted creativity. 800 employees across different industries were surveyed.

2. Better customer experiences

Hospitals have known this fact for a while – many of them use nature themed art to cheer up patients. Similarly, businesses can use strategically chosen art-pieces to help clients feel more comfortable.

Art can also boost brand credibility of a business. For example, financial services firms often sponsor and emplace large and impressive works of art to subtly (or not so subtly) hint at the quality and integrity of the company.

3. A demonstration of your company’s commitment to talent

By choosing to display artwork from emerging artists, companies can show their interest in giving exposure to talent from varying backgrounds. This can send a signal to employees that such companies would be similarly enlightened and progressive when it comes to in-house talent.

4. Employee retention

The Brookings Institution reported in 2014 that more than half of millennials (63%) want their employers to contribute to meaningful social or ethical causes. Supporting emerging artists by purchasing of renting their art can be a meaningful cause to rally the growing proportion of millennials in the workplace around.

Next Steps

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