Changing Perspectives

17 March 2016

To be forever caught up in one’s own mind, thoughts, and prejudices is a restriction that inhibits the free-flow of ideas fundamental to human existence. ‘Changing Perspectives’ – an exhibition that marks the inception of The Humble Gallery – arises in opposition to this restriction as a collection of portraiture which prises the self away from dogmatic assumption by revealing new perspectives of the world we live in.

‘Changing Perspectives’ features works from three talented artists who work locally within Newham. In the visual translation of the associations lingering beneath the surface of vintage dolls, Veronica Rowlands calls for a fantastical regression into that ‘childlike place of innocence’. Alongside Veronica is Hassan Vawda who describes his work as ‘the blueprint of his mind’ and through such a raw expression forces the onlooker to set foot into his world. In contrast, Steve Marriott’s mannequins straddle the liminal position between life and death from where they invoke a realisation of emotions which ‘people can’t necessarily express themselves’.

Through regression, expression, and realisation, this exhibition aims to change the way you think.

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